Video: Lions Guide Dogs at Work

Guide dogs might be cute and cuddly, but when they’re guiding their owners to safety, they’re at work. The video above features members of the Chestermere Lions Club in Alberta, Canada, who are big supporters of the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides and are working to get the word out about respecting guide dogs at work. That means giving them the attention they need to do their job — instead of petting or playing with them, which distracts the dogs from the task at hand, people should be aware of their presence and react accordingly.

Watch the video to learn more!

Message from the Chairperson: Making Dreams Come True with LCIF

LCIF Chairperson PalmerDear Lion,

When I became president of Lions Clubs International, it was a dream come true. Now, I am honored to follow another dream as Chairperson of Lions Clubs International Foundation. The Foundation is a vital part of Lions’ international service efforts, so I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve this year with support from LCIF.

Last year, LCIF set a goal to raise US$35.7 million in funding to meet Lions’ humanitarian needs worldwide. I am proud to say that you hit that mark! More than ever, Lions are involved in service projects to meet the needs of their communities. LCIF has seen an increase in requests for disaster relief assistance in recent years; Lions Quest continues to expand around the world, reaching more students than ever; we continue to fight preventable blindness, including from diseases like trachoma and river blindness; and we continue in our commitment to our partners at the GAVI Alliance in fighting measles, among many other humanitarian projects.

Your contributions have helped people all around the world by providing disaster relief, saving sight, preventing measles, supporting youth and meeting humanitarian needs. To be able to help even more people, we have a new goal to raise US$38.3 million for LCIF and I know that we will be able to achieve it. In fact, I am going to challenge you to set the goal even higher!

What if every Lions club donated US$100 per member to LCIF? We would raise US$136 million – imagine all of the good that could be done with those funds! As Lions, we can do almost anything. By working together, we can help each other to follow our dreams for a better world. You can make a difference, and LCIF can help.


Barry J. Palmer
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation


Help the Social Media Directory grow!!

The SMiLE Social Media Directory is an online directory that lists website, email addresses, social media platforms and location from clubs/districts/multiple districts from all over the world. However clubs/districts/multiple districts need to register themselves to get listed!

Share this post with other Lions in your social media network and help the Social Media grow! Write about it in your club/district newsletter and help us to get 2000 listings by the end of this year!

The Social Media directory is a great way to learn what other Lions are doing online. IT also a great tool to visualize Lions clubs/districts worldwide. Use it to prepare a visit to a foreign club when traveling abroad.

SMiLE Social Media Directory

Social Media Directory Map

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Updates to the LCIF Standard Grant Criteria

The LCIF Standard grant minimum and maximum request amounts have been updated.

As a result of the July 2014 Board meeting in Toronto, Canada, the new Standard grant minimum request amount for matching funds is US$10,000 and the new maximum request amount for matching funds is US$100,000.

These expanded criteria allow LCIF to help even more Lions meet the needs of their communities through our most popular grant category. Standard grants generally provide capital funding for equipment and infrastructure needs. Typical projects include medical equipment, mobile health units, hospices, nursing homes, medical units, street children’s homes, blind and disabled centers, eye clinics, research centers and schools in developing countries. Learn more online at

Please note: these updates apply to all applications received at LCIF as of July 1, 2014.


Webinar: Go for the GOAL!

Club officers, club board members and all Lions—strengthen your club with GOALGrowth, Orientation, Activity, and Leadership.  Don’t miss this interactive presentation that discusses club Growth as a membership growth plan; Orientation as mentoring and involving new Lions; Activity as service, giving and adaptability, and Leadership as a leadership development plan.

Learn how GOAL can take your club to the next level as encouraged by International President Joe Preston in his theme of Strengthen the Pride.

Register today for one of the time slots below!

What I Enjoy about Being a Lion…

At this year’s International Convention in Toronto, we asked Lions to answer a simple question: What do you enjoy about being a Lion? The response was huge, as Lions happily shared their feelings of being a Lion — whether they enjoyed the friendships formed through their club, or they loved volunteering their time to help others in need.

Watch the video above to hear from fellow Lions, and tell us in the comments below what YOU enjoy about being a Lion!

You can also view more convention videobooth videos on the #LCICon YouTube channel.

Read the July/August LION Magazine

In the July/August LION, get to know our new international president, Joe Preston, and learn about how he wants to “Strengthen the Pride.”

Also in this issue:

Exclusively in the Digital LION, watch videos about President Preston and this year’s theme, see an excerpt from a documentary about an exceptional war hero Lion and find out about a Lion dedicated to selling mints.

Visit the LION Magazine page to contact editors, view past issues and listen to the audio version of the magazine.

Video: Growing Lions Clubs International Foundation

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the cornerstone of Lions’ amazing achievements in humanitarian service. In this video, District Governors and other Lions are encouraged to promote LCIF to help grow the Foundation.

Learn more online about how you and your Lions club can support LCIF, or you can make a donation. Thank you for your support!

Lions Go Paperless at Convention

At this year’s convention in Toronto, Lions Clubs International worked with ViridiSTOR LLC to deliver the entire convention digitally on a USB. Over 16,000 delegates representing the 1.36 million members from over 200 countries worldwide attended the annual convention. When you think of all the paper needed to provide each attendee with convention materials, it’s clear that the USB was truly an environmentally-friendly approach to this year’s convention.

“It was only a matter of time before we would make the Lions’ annual convention not only digital, but one of the largest quantifiably sustainable events in the world,” said Terry Mullin, CEO of ViridiSTOR.

“Lions Clubs International has many initiatives around the world involving sustainability and improving the environment,” stated International President Joe Preston. “Considering the tremendous amount of information that the USB potentially holds, by going paperless we avoid the printing, shipping and waste of paper. That, in turn, is better for the environment. It’s a win, win situation.”

The USB included everything from key information on the 11 divisions at LCI, seminar materials, handouts, training and initiative information and a variety of videos. Attendees were able to carry everything they needed for convention in their pocket, without worrying about a handful of papers!

Has your club considered going paperless? Here are a few easy ways to get started:


LCIF Humanitarian Grants Awarded June/July 2014

During the June/July 2014 Board of Directors meeting in Toronto, Canada, 72 LCIF humanitarian grants were awarded totaling US$3,132,842.

These grants support life-changing projects, such as providing hospital equipment in Brazil, clean water projects in Madagascar, Mali and Niger, vision screening equipment for children in Greece, transportation vehicles for the disabled in Japan, Habitat for Humanity homes in the United States, and much more.

Upcoming grant deadlines include:

  • August 4, 2014: Standard, Core 4 and IAG grant applications for review at the October 2014 Board meeting
  • October 17, 2014: SightFirst grant applications for review by the SightFirst Advisory Committee (SAC) in January 2015
  • November 21, 2014: Lions Quest grant applications for review by the Lions Quest Advisory Committee (LAC) in January 2015

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